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Water resources



Engineering Evaluation, Dapp Power, Alberta Canada: IAE provided engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and performance guarantees to Dapp Power LP (DPLP) to address operational improvements for an existing power plant.
Owners Engineer & Engineering Support, Catalyst Renewables Corporation, NY: Replace an existing combined-cycle, gas-fired power plant with a 40 MW wood-fueled power plant.
Project Management & Engineering Support, Mustus Energy, Alberta Canada: Development of new 35 MW power plant, using wood as the base fuel.
Engineering Evaluation, Indeck Maine Energy, ME: Review and study of existing Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler for operating and efficiency improvements.
Engineering Evaluation, Pulverdryer: Review and analyze the efficiency of a pulverdryer at a pilot test site; and, evaluate potential fuel sources from waste products.


Green Bay Packaging: NOx Reduction – Evaluate, performance tuning, and provide recommendations for future low NOx operations

NGP Power Corp: Lyonsdale Assessment - Determine the upgrades needed for Improved output and efficiency of the plant

IT Power India PVT., LTD: Performed a detailed study to provide Maldines Islands with electric power, fresh drinking water, and MSW reduction

Greenbelt Energy: Port St James – Owner’s engineer for 30 MW green field biomass power plant development

Verdant Energy Ltd: Engineering support for CFB modifications to BFB

McCarthy Family Farms: Liberty I and III support to retrofit existing plants to use biosolids and green waste as fuel sources

WC Johnsonburg: RBESTTM phase 2 – Owner’s engineer for modified over fire air systems modifications, training of operations and start up

Industrias Centauro Proposal: Durango, Mexico – Owner’s engineer for modification of recovery boiler to combust with waste biomass

ECOTRADE: TDA feasibility study to build small biomass CHP plants in Russia to replace diesel fueled generation

WC Marlboro: CFD modeling of BLRB, analysis and recommendations for boiler modifications

Indeck Maine Energy: Ongoing support – Boiler assessment and tuning, environmental impact of emissions and regional comparisons

Verdant Energy Ltd: Engineering support for CFB modifications to BFB

Genesis: Preliminary assessment of boiler performance and report with recommended operational improvements

MRW Mexicana:Support services for boiler design and project cost estimates

Green Bay Packaging: Boiler evaluation and recommendations

Willamette Industries, Inc.: Port Wentworth, GA - Boiler control evaluation & modification

Willamette Industries, Inc.: Black liquor recovery boiler tuning

WII Hawesville, KY Mill: Boiler fluidized bed – Performance tuning

Jefferson Smurfit Corp.: Recommend modification for improved performance of gasifier/boiler

Willamette Industries, Inc.: Kingsport, TN hog fuel boiler/gasifier – Certification testing

Industra Corporation: Modify biomass boiler at SNC for gasification (PRO-FORMA)

Woodcraft Industries: Certification – Obtain tax credits

ECOTRADE: North Russia prefeasibility

Pacific NW National Labs: Chernoble site, assessment & report

IDM Energy Corp.: Proforma for application of MSW plant

Graham Lumber Co.: Boiler conversion to gasification, repair capacity deficiencies, and operator training

Green Bay Packaging: Boiler optimization design and specifications

Graham Lumber Co.: Retrofit of boiler systems to gasification operations

Green Bay Packaging: Bark boiler conversion to gasification operations

Woodcraft Industries: Modify two biomass boilers at two different sites for gasification operation

Woodcraft Industries: Evaluate & reconfigure systems for gasification operations

FRAI – ECOTRADE, Inc.: Belarus biomass to energy / prefeasibility

Nations Energy Corporation: Honduras biomass power plant feasibility, pre design, conceptual design

Southern Company Services: Review ABB turbo chargers and power turbines and PGI proposed systems

Southern Company Services: Condition Assessment study - Chevron Co-generation facility Pascasgoula, MS 150 MW gas turbine/HRSG system

Nations Energy Corporation: Permitting, final design and owners engineering support of three 15 MW biomass fueled power plants in Honduras, C.A.

Stone Container Corporation: Assist in Costa Rica project to design 10 MW power plant for cogeneration

United Wood Treating Co.: Gasification certification for 5 MW wood fired power plant

Harbert Power Corporation: Misc. support service comments on gasification systems and coal ash beneficiation feasibility

NBIA: Report - Offshore renewable energy (biomass, wind, solar) projects for the Pacific Islands