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Wind turbines


Project Objective:

Review and analyze the efficiency of a pulverdryer at a pilot test site; and, evaluate potential fuel sources from waste products.


Client Name:

Pulverdryer Pte. Ltd



IAE provided Pulverdryer Pte. Ltd. with engineering services necessary to test the efficiencies of the Pulverdryer at a pilot plant site. The pilot plant burned sub-biomass waste products (particularly sludge and processed rejects) supplied by Pulverdryer and produced up to 22.26 kpph (10.10 tons/hr) of steam at 58 psig. In addition, IAE performed testing on the waste products generated by Pulverdryer that are potential fuel sources and analyzed the results of the testing to develop the design and performance fuels to be utilized in further testing.


Services Provided:

Developed a sampling protocol for all potential waste fuel streams that met the requirements of the procedures established by TAPPI to obtain a 95% confidence interval that the samples represent the population the samples were taken from.

Supplied a representative on site for up to three days to supervise and work with the Plant personnel to obtain, secure and ship the samples of each waste fuel stream.

Shipped the samples to two independent pre-qualified laboratories for testing of the HHV, the proximate analysis, the ultimate analysis, and the ash analysis.

Once the reports on all testing activities had been received from the laboratories, IAE completed a full report on their analysis of the findings and made recommendations as to the most efficient and economical method to utilize the tested materials as fuel in a waste fuel to energy project.