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Wind turbines


Project Objective:

IAE provided engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and performance guarantees to Dapp Power LP (DPLP) to address operational improvements for an existing power plant.


Client Name:

Dapp Power Corporation (Alberta Canada)



IAE provided performance guarantees to Dapp Power LP (DPLP) to address performance and operational improvements made to boilers and associated equipment; and, the circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler plant located near Dapp, Alberta. IAE performed an initial design investigation and produced a budget EPC proposal offering.

The following Dapp Power objectives were met:

  • Safely restarted the plant utilizing the specified waste wood fuel
Revised circulating fluid bed to a bubbling fluid bed
Produced 16.5 MWe net rated capacity
Met the established plant emission requirements
  Safely provided an operating availability of 8000 hr/yr
  Minimized agglomeration in the fluidized bed and on boiler heat transfer surfaces
  Minimized erosion from sand on components in both the furnace and convection passes
  Minimized fossil fuel operations except for start-up
  Reduced parasitic plant loads
  Provided for future operations with as much as 20% of the heat input from the specified peat fuel