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Wind turbines


Project Objective:

Replace an existing combined-cycle, gas-fired power plant with a 40 MW wood-fueled power plant..


Client Name:

Catalyst Renewables Corporation


Project Location

New York



An existing power plant determined that natural gas prices were too high to economically generate electricity. The decision was made to remove the combined cycle units and convert the facility to burn biomass. The facility will create steam to pass through a new steam turbine and generate 40 MW of electricity.


IAE is providing oversight services and serving as the Owner’s Engineer on the project.



Services Provided:

IAE personnel provided the initial feasibility, assessment, and cost estimate for the plant conversion; performed testing on the expected fuel supply and wrote a detailed performance specification for the new plant configuration. Also involved is the integration of existing plant systems with the new configurations: cooling towers, control systems, water purification, air emissions, switchyard, etc. This project is active.


Construction is anticipated at 18 months with start-up in 2010.